We deliver immersive experiences

We collaborate with ambitious enterprises and their brands worldwide to enable businesses of all sizes to enhance their business ventures through the virtual spaces

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Brands and retailers are capable of delivering a noteworthy online experience within an immersive, highly advanced, realistically attainable look and feel that conveys your brand's vision, delivering a more intuitive, interacting, intimate, and transparent user experience that extends beyond any physical barriers.

Patented Technology

Our exclusive method for creating a store on an online retail platform has been patented under PCT/МУ2020/050176. Both business owner and users should utilize this new platform to its maximum potential. That is why we developed the JUDA Virtual Solutions, a platform that brings practical functionality to both business and users.

Additional Services

Generative Content

Save time and resources by automating the content creation process, enabling companies to produce a large volume of content quickly and consistently.

3D Floor Plan

3D floor plans provide a realistic representation of a property, allowing buyers, investors, and tenants to better understand the layout, flow, and design.

Drone Services

Drone services enable rapid and precise land surveys, creating detailed maps, 3D models, and topographic data for enhanced property visualization.

E-commerce integration

Sell products directly on your Virtural Store with easy check out

High Customisation

Express your brand attitude with no design limitation

No installation required

Zero app/software installation for you and your customers.

Why Us

We bring you the power of mixed reality to everywhere, with zero installation for both business operators and customers. We will cater for the service while you concentrate on your business operations.

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